Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Come to Beijing in September for UbiComp 2011

10.  Meet world-class ubicomp researchers
  9.  Immerse yourself in the magical, ancient culture of China
  8.  Dine in The Great Hall of the People in Tian’anmen Square The Summer Palace
  7.  Visit top industry labs & research institutes
  6.  See the largest mobile market in the world (1B users!)
  5.  Present to the top students in China & impact their research
  4.  Very low registration, hotel, & food costs
  3.  Tours to Great Wall, Forbidden City, & Summer Palace
  2.  PC selected research they are passionate about →                   excitement!
  1.  Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mark Weiser’s landmark SciAm article w/ special panel featuring John Seely-Brown, Gregory Abowd, Paul Dourish, Beth Mynatt, & Jun Rekimoto
Breaking News: Keynote by renowned user researcher 
Jan Chipchase

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