Friday, November 27, 2009

Augmented Reality is mainstream

There was a short article on Augmented Reality (AR) in the NY Times Sunday Magazine a couple of weeks ago. I think this really shows AR has finally hit the mainstream.  Of course it was clear the author had no idea where this stuff came from (e.g., Feiner's group at Columbia, Blair's group at GVU, and Billinghurst's group HITLab New Zeland). What do people think?


Prayag Narula said...

Mark Billinghurst just gave a presentation in our group where he talked about the Esquire magazine cover and it was on Slashdot a few days ago.

Its not augmented reality per-se but it is as main stream as it gets.

David Birnbaum said...

Thanks for your link to the NYT article. I was pretty unimpressed and I say why in detail here:

Unknown said...

David, I appreciate your criticisms of the NY Times Magazine article. I didn't mean for my post to imply it was a "good" article, but in fact it was intended to highlight that the AR concept is being picked up in the popular press, which means to me that AR is HERE.

In fact, I think you are being a bit defense when you criticize the NY Times Magazine article for saying "the hype will fade". This does not mean AR "won't happen", but that the hype-like scenarios he is referring to will go away as we see real, useful applications.